• Preson Phillips 'In Our Winters'
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Preson Phillips 'In Our Winters'

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    (released 2014, independent release, produced by Tim McTague)

    Track Listing:
    1. Wayfaring Stranger
    2. Open Seas
    3. Come Down Father
    4. Lift Up the Gates
    5. In Our Winters
    6. Rising Like a Song
    7. Lamb of God
    8. Deuteronomy Six
    9. Behold the Architect
    10. The Riverbed
    11. Open For Me
    12. Wayfaring Stranger (live acoustic)
    13. Come Down Father (live acoustic)
    14. Behold the Architect (live acoustic)
    15. In Our Winters (live acoustic)
    16. Let Me Walk